Viking Campervans - About us and hire a campervan in Estonia


About Viking Campervans

Hey there!

Viking Campervans is a young family owned Camper van rental company based in the beautiful capitol of Estonia - Tallinn.
We as the owners are experienced vanlifers since 2012 and decided to get you the possibilities to explore that lifestyle in an inexpensive way.

The idea behind "Viking Campervans" is to rent out custom built camper vans for your roadtrip through the baltic countries like Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and so on. The big ships like the regular motor homes are often just too big to explore the offsites of a country and getting into the city centre is always a struggle with them.

Our Campers can be driven by every car driver - don't panic to get stucked somewhere around the corner.

After living in a van with two kids we decided to share the stoke with you and here we are! Viking Campervans