Rent a Camper - Your Campervan hire in Tallinn / Estonia

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1. Lender: The lender ist "Viking Campervans OÜ" in Estonia / Tallinn
1.2. Driver: The driver is the renter and/or the second driver of the van/vehicle
1.3. Van: The van is any camper or car rented out by the lender.
1.4. Period of rental (por): The period of rental is the time, in which the van is booked. The por starts with the handover of the keys to the vehicle and it ends when the lender confirmed the handover of the van back to the lender.

2. Acceptance of the driver/renter
2.1. The driver/renter has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions on that page.
2.2. The confirmation takes place with signing the rental contract before handing the van over by the lender.
2.3. A copy of the rental contract included these terms and conditions is given to the renter by the lender.

3. The driver
3.1. Age: The age of the driver must be 21 on the date of the handover of the van.
3.2. Transition knowledge: The driver confirms that he can drive a hand-shifter. All our vans are currently manual shifted.
3.3. Driving license: The driver must show a valid unrestricted driving license which shows that he is allowed to handle the van. The driving license must be readable for the renter (English, German, Estonian, Russian) or an official international driving license.
3.4. The driver ensures a careful handling and driving of the van.
3.5. The driver assures that he is familiar with the local road rules.

4. Payment
4.1. When the driver / renter confirms the booking, the choosen credit card will be charged with 100% of the amount of the total booking amount, inclusive additional choosed extras and taxes.
4.2. If the credit card is declined by our Payment Provider, the booking will not be accepted and the booking will be declined.

5. Deposit
5.1. The security deposit of 300€ will be charged on the day when the Van is handed over to the driver.
5.2. The security deposit of 300€ will be given back to the driver / renter, as soon as the Van is given back to the lender.
5.3. The security deposit can be used for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost parts and equipment of the van, if the driver / renter was acting careless.

6. Rental duration price calculation
6.1. The rental prices are calculated on a nightly basis.

7. Cancellation policy
7.1. We don't charge any fees if you're cancelling your reservation 15 days or prior to the first day of your rental period and refunding you 100% of the amount of your rental price.
7.2. After cancelling your reservation 14 days or less before the first day of your rental period will start, we will refund 85% of the amount of your rental price.

8. General
8.1. The lender 'Viking Campervans OÜ' can change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

Rental agreement

1. Documents
1.1. The van can be only rented out if the following documents are valid and existing: A valid car insurance, valid car papers, a valid driver's licence for Europe, a valid Credit Card and a valid ID-Card or Passport.

2. Vehicle conditions
2.1. The lender has to provide a clean and working van at the event of the hand over to the renter / driver.
2.2. Due to the age of the van, the van can have some scratches or slightly damaged parts which are not safety relevant.
2.3. The renter has to give the van back in the same conditions when it was handed out by the lender.
2.4. The fuel tank has to be full at the hand out through the lender and at the hand over by the renter to the lender. The renter has to fill the tank to the maximum before giving the van back.
2.5. If the fuel tank has to be refilled by the lender, a charge of 20€ will be applied to the costs of the fuel which will be refilled.
2.6. Any loss or damage to the rented extras or parts of the car will be fully charged to the renter according to the actual prices on the market.

3. General
3.1. The lender has the right to cancel the rental contract at any time if there are important reasons regarding the safety of the renter or passengers.
3.1.1 The rest amount of the renting fee will be transferred back to the renter, if the 'por' is changed because of 3.1.

Safety and rules

1. The lender cannot be held responsible for any kind of injuries caused by the vehicle or equipment to the renter and passengers.
2. Smoking is not allowed inside the car or the inside the roof tent.
3. All passengers must use the seatbelts while moving the car.
4. The driver must obey all local traffic & driving rules.

Please keep in mind, that we are currently building up our fleet for 2020. The terms and conditions will grow in the future.
Your data will not be given away to third persons. We are using them just to inform you about our fleet and your rental status.