Rent a Camper - Your Campervan hire in Tallinn / Estonia

Viking Campervans

Camper rental in Estonia

Discover Estonia in your own campervan
and enjoy the nature.


Camp with your hired Van directly at the beach or in the forest.
Explore the nature of Estonia and life the roadtrip of the year.

Budget friendly

Our campervans are as small as possible. That means - you need less gas and we can provide cheaper offers to you.


You can drive our Campervans with a "Class B" driving licence and the're handling like normal passenger cars.

Family Bring the whole family

Our campervan rentals are fully-equipped with all the neccessary stuff and tools you need for a roadtrip with your family.
For example optional seats and toys for the kids.

Traditions Estonian traditions like sauna

The estonians are loving their saunas and so will you! Take a trip to one of estonias sauna in the nature - directly in a river.

Camps Wild & free

There are a lot of free campsites with fully-equipped fireplaces and toilets. Your choice: Directly at the beach or somewhere in the forest?

Adventures Deep dive and action

Hiking, diving, fishing, swimming, climbing, driving... you can do a lot of funny stuff in Estonia. Just ask us for recommendations and we will provide you a nice adventure.

Every booking contains:

  • restaurant Cutlery for 4 persons
  • flight_land Pickup at the airport / harbour
  • pets Dog acceptance
  • gesture Unlimited kilometers
  • deck 2x Chairs, 1x Table
  • fireplace 1x Gas-Cooker with an extra gas bottle
  • map Route recommendations
If your kid is travelling with you - just let us know! We got a lot of extras for parents with kids.

Bookable options:

Fishing tools

Stand-Up-Paddle Board

Seperate tent for two

Childs seat


Parental leaving time special


your passport

Rent the perfect Camper Van for your estonian roadtrip

Estonia is bigger then Denmark or the Netherlands. But - there are living just 1.3 million people and round about 50% of the country are covered with forests. The estonians are loving their nature - the forests, the bogs, the coast and all their animals - for exampler the brown bear or the moose.

Also it's close that the ultimate roadtrip through Estonia is waiting for you behind the steering wheel of one of our Viking Campervans. Explore the most beautiful places to sleep directly at the beach, in the forest or on the countryside.
And the best thing is: The most beautiful places are for free and got a fireplace and a toilet waiting for you.

The advantages of hire our camper vans

Small, economical, fast and comfortable - the ideal conditions for camping and free standing in the Estonian countryside.
Our goal is to enable camping in the van for tourists who do not want to rent a mobile home or RV. Renting campers and RVs and driving through cities is not for everyone. Not everyone dares to drive these often very large vehicles. Therefore, we rent small campers / RVs in the form of our camper vans - these are often not larger than normal cars.

Rent a camper in Estonia

Estonia and the surrounding Baltic States have a lot to offer and can be explored perfectly and budget firendly with one of our campers rented out in Estonia. The freedom and flexibility of a camper cannot be replaced by a hotel - here you have a hotel on wheels. Just get in and drive off.

Rent a camper in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. If you land here by plane and want to start an unforgettable road trip, you can hire a camper from us directly in Tallinn and start driving immediately. We will pick you up at the airport with the hired camper and hand you over the camper - fully equipped with everything you need. You only have to buy groceries for your camping adventure.

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