Rummu - Murru vangla

Prison and quarry of RummuFiat Ducato selfmade graffiti campervan

In Rummu there is the abandoned prison called "Murru" and quarry in which limestone was mined.
Mainly inmates of the prison were used for mining - some of these inmates were sentenced to life.

After the prison and the quarry were closed after the independence of Estonia, the mining of the limestone also ended and the cave quickly ran full of groundwater. It happens so quickly that even an excavator is said to be submerged in the current lake.

A kind of underwater museum has formed through the crystal clear water.

Not only is this a particularly interesting place underwater, there is also a lot to explore above the water. The prison itself is unfortunately closed, but large parts of the open-cast mine can be explored upon entry.

In addition to a diving school, there are high limestone mountains that allow an incredible view and some interesting buildings to see.

In the summer months the site is open every day and invites you to swim in the crystal clear water.

Spend the night in Rummu / Murru

An overnight stay on this special site with a camper or in a tent is also possible. However, the gates are closed at night and you have to call a phone number in an emergency.
But this overnight stay is something very special.

Rummu / Murru from the mountain