Old Town of Tallinn

View into the Tallinn Old Town through a wall
View into the old town

A view into the digital medieval

Narrow cobblestone streets, huge city walls and gothic spiers - but also excellent Wi-Fi and digitization after every corner of the oldtown, which was built during the 13th to 16th centuries.
Originally, the official name of this small, cozy old town was Reval, until 1918.
Since the conquest in 1219 by the danish king Waldemar, however, the city has already been named "Tallinn" in estonian - which means "Danish town" in danish language.

Since 1997 Tallinn's old town has been an UNESCO world heritage site.

The old town consists of the upper and lower city and was separated by gates - but today this is no longer the case.

Today, about 430,000 inhabitants are living in this charming town, which lies directly on the Gulf of Finland (the Baltic Sea). A trip to Helsinki is therefore no problem with the ferry.

Sightseeing and attractions

A walk through the old town of Tallin reveals many hidden backyards, narrow passageways and a very well-preserved city wall.
Especially worth seeing are the old churches in the old town and also the view from the "Kohtuotsa" observation deck is terrific with the view over the old town.

Our Top-5 of the attractions of Tallinn

# Attraction estonian name
#1 Tallinn town hall Tallinna Raekoda
#2 Kohtuotsa observation deck Kohtuotsa vaateplatvorm
#3 Katharinenpassage Katariina käik
#4 Kiek in de Kök
#5 Castle Katharinental and Parc Kadriorg Kadrioru Loss


In terms of digitization, Estonia is the leader in Europe. All administrative procedures are done digitally by the Estonians - except: home purchase, marriage and divorce.
Online access is a fundamental right of the Estonians and so you have even in the forest best network coverage and sometimes even Wi-Fi.